Would you like to play Kigurumi Totoro?

 us the impression of chubby cute image, and the cartoon gives totoro a strong interest and plump character image, which leaves us a deep impression.The anime tells the story of the heroine, Xiao Yue, whose mother is ill in hospital. Her father takes her and her four-year-old sister, Xiao Mei, to live in the countryside. They were very curious about the environment and found many interesting things. They met many elves, they came to their own environment, saw many strange things in their world, and even became friends with a big fat Chinchilla. Totoro and elves use their magical power, for the moon and sister brought a lot of magical landscape, make them open their eyes. Little sister Xiaomei often miss the sick mother, shouted sister to take her to see her mother, but xiaoyue refused. Xiaomei actually go, only to get lost on the way, xiaomei had to look for her chinchilla and elf friends to help.

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